About Cosensa

Cosensa Learning & Development deliver a wide variety of training services to the public, private and third sectors throughout the UK and Ireland employing professional, vastly experienced trainers with formidable reputations in training and coaching.

Cosensa provide powerful training courses designed to address specific needs. We do this by developing tools that provide lasting improvement, delivered by highly skilled training consultants.

All of our training programmes can be delivered on an in-house basis (on your premises) and tailored very specifically to meet the exact needs of your team and organisation.

Alternatively, you can view our complete diary of training courses that are available on an ‘open’ basis at specially chosen venues within many of the UK and Ireland's largest cities.

We realise there are many training organisations to choose from. Our scope of expertise and commitment to consistent levels of high quality service set us apart from the rest.

Our promise to you is our commitment to four key areas that ensure a quality learning experience on all of our training courses.

arrowQuality Trainers
We employ over 60 highly skilled and internationally experienced training consultants, providing a wealth of training skills expertise delivered by many of the best trainers in the UK and international market.

arrowQuality Venues
The Training Venues we use are of the highest calibre. We believe in the value of using professionally managed conference facilities with first class refreshments and catering to provide a warm and engaging learning environment.
arrowQuality Materials
Our professionally printed training materials are a source of great pride and we ensure that each delegate is supplied with their own carefully bound volume.

arrowQuality Service
We are absolutely committed to ensuring that all our clients are treated with the utmost respect, care and attention throughout their experience with us before, during and long after the training has been completed.

Public courses

Our Northern Ireland office serves as the hub for over sixty of our Management Skills Trainers who continuously deliver our range of public and in-house courses throughout the UK and Ireland. Our primary objective is to make our public training services more accessible, affordable, enjoyable and meaningful than any other training provider. We aim to deliver a consistently high level of service and we have embraced several core policies which retain our focus on our goals and maximise the satisfaction of our customers:

  • A capped number of delegates on all courses ensures everyone gets the best of attention.
  • Wherever possible,we select trainers with industry experience best suited to the delegates on each course.
  • We do our best to deliver courses as geographically close to you, or your organisation as possible.
  • We only select appropriate, comfortable and convenient training venues for each course.
  • We always act on feedback and we never stand still - we are continually looking and listening for ways to improve all aspects of our service.

In-house courses

We also specialise in the design and delivery of tailored, 'in-house' training courses. In this fierce and hugely competitive market, we are eager to win your business. If your organisation needs to train more than three people and you realise the value of engaging your organisations procedures and practices into your chosen training programme, an in-house course could be the best option for you. You will find us consultative, flexible and competitive.

What's more, the scope of expertise that exists within our large pool of professional trainers, means that we can select a trainer that will fit well with the structure and culture of your organisation. We will be delighted to arrange for the trainer to speak with you at an early stage to ensure you are satisfied that they fully understand your requirements and can tailor the course specifically for you.