Managing the Remote Workforce

Course Objectives

The course aim is to introduce delegates to the principles of managing a distributed, remote and mobile workforce and how to effectively communicate with that workforce.

By reviewing various leadership and management tools and theories the programme actively encourages delegates to become aware of their own leadership style. From this analysis delegates will understand the pros and cons of their own style and have a desire to develop the right leadership mindset. They will explore how this is key to developing a highly productive mobile team.

Delegates will also learn how to effectively communicate to their mobile teams. The importance of acting as a role model and promoting and displaying the organisationís values to the team and individuals will be emphasised. We challenge what is required of a modern leader and their staff, and how communication is key to achieving this. Delegates will consider all communication channels they have to maximise their opportunity to influence people and drive excellent results. We will discuss when each are most effective and how to best train team members to communicate well in an increasingly digital environment.

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