Managing Contractors

Course Objectives

It is a common misconception that when contractors work on your premises or site, you have no management control over their activities. This is not the case. Health & safety law requires the client organisation to have some responsibility for contractor's activities. Should an accident involving a contractor ever occur at your premises, then questions will be asked of you, the contractor and the contractors' employer regarding how their activities were managed. This comprehensive one-day programme includes: -
  • How to provide a safe place of work for the contractor
  • How to ensure that your own employees are not put at risk from the actions of a contracted contractor
  • Ensure that your employees do not act in a manner which may endanger the safety of contractors
  • Providing the contractor with information on the hazards and risks throughout the area where they will be conducting their work
  • Monitoring contractor's activities whilst on your premises
  • Signing in procedures and basic induction including familiarisation with your organisation's rules and Health and Safety Policy

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