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This programme is designed to provide delegates with the ability to construct a persuasive and compelling argument and to be able to present it with authority and confidence. The programme is designed utilising techniques derived from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that will enable you to construct a business proposition and present it in a fashion that captures the imagination of your audience. Throughout the two days, delegates will explore tools and techniques that can help them prepare the basis for their proposal with informal 'corridor' or 'elevator' conversations, develop rapport with their counterparts and defuse tension and disagreement.

As well as demonstrating how to prepare your most effective, interesting and memorable presentations, by the end of this course you will have been given detailed feedback on your natural, professional style and you will have been shown how you can work your delivery, persuasive language and audience interaction to maximise your impact.

Throughout this two day programme, TV & Video will be used on regular occasions to help delegates follow their progress. Even the experienced presenters amongst the group will enjoy the core modules on channelling nervous energy positively; developing excellent oratory techniques and effectively using all aspects of ‘presenting language’ to inspire their audience and instil confidence.

This comprehensive one day programme will help you understand the key concepts and skills of marketing to enhance your knowledge and confidence when involved in the marketing decision-making process.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • - demonstrate a knowledge of key marketing principles, tools and techniques.
  • - discover the importance of product positioning.
  • - understand what is effective communication with customers.
  • - confidently deal with basic marketing issues.
  • - understand how to measure the effectiveness of marketing actions.

Anger is an emotion that exists in all sentient beings. Dogs get angry, wasps get angry (often quite easily!), and so do humans. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger productively is something few individuals, organisations, and societies do well. Yet research and facts tell us that those capable of managing their anger effectively, are much more successful at work (and quite probably at home too) than those who don’t.

An employee who can productively confront a colleague about his negative attitude increases his team’s chance of success as well as reducing the potential for conflict. The customer service executive who can defuse an angry customer not only keeps their customer loyal but makes their own day more enjoyable too. This one-day programme is designed to help give you and your organisation that edge.

This comprehensive one day assertiveness training course is designed to enable delegates to use a more confident approach when developing productive working relationships. "Assertiveness at Work" defines assertive behaviour, and shows how assertiveness can assist in dealing with others and different situations. It encourages delegates to take responsibility for their own development, and enables them to communicate with more confidence and develop positive, assertive responses to a wide range of situations.

This half-day proof reading training course will benefit anyone who has responsibility for checking and correcting documents, including press releases and web pages. This highly interactive programme will help to improve your speed, accuracy and confidence. You will be trained by a highly experienced tutor and you will learn the techniques used by professionals to enable you to work to the very highest standards.

Line managers are frequently delegated the responsibility of budgetary preparation and control yet often have no prior experience or formal training. This course is designed to provide middle management with a comprehensive introduction to understanding, preparing and managing budgets successfully.

Targeted, persuasive writing is an essential aspect of written communication in any successful organisation. Effective writing styles convey a professional and credible message and project the correct image. From formal reports to composing e-mails, polished communication is key.

This course is designed to enable participants to:
  • Increase their confidence in producing written material
  • Adopt the principles of business writing style and language
  • Write effective letters suitable for their purpose
  • Brush up on punctuation and proof-reading skills
  • Understand how to produce professional reports.

Today, leaders and managers must do so much more than manage their operations and staff, they must be effective coaches. Staff work effectively for those who involve and encourage them to maximise their own potential. However, sometimes people need to learn to take responsibility for their behaviours and, to adapt those to the needs and requirements of their jobs. Effective coaches help inspire people and get them to see how their personal goals link to the goals of the team and the business. This course aims to give leaders and managers the skills to read and motivate; and to achieve 'win-win' situations at work.

Coaching is a wonderful method of greatly improving performance of individuals and teams. It includes deliberate and specific activities designed for employees to develop their skills by learning on the job. The Manager who can develop their coaching skills can lead highly productive teams with motivated individuals, resulting in significantly increasing cost effectiveness and organisational performance.

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