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Our two day competency based performance management training course will assist you in identifying the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contributions from the job roles in your organisation. Upon completion, participants will have the confidence to be able to identify the competencies that make performance effective and manage that performance successfully.

This fast-paced two-day programme tackles each of these topics at a high level. This is a challenging session designed to help delegates understand the importance of being able to effectively pass on workplace skills enabling them to delegate jobs and tasks, allowing them to manage their own time more effectively, becoming more competent managers and leaders.

This comprehensive and highly interactive three-day programme delivered over a three month period, one day each month, has been designed specifically to provide experienced middle managers with the skills and tools necessary to achieve improvements in productivity and performance through people. It also addresses key topical management issues and provides guidance and advice on further reading material for future development and team motivational techniques.

When professionals are given new leadership responsibility, their success depends on how quickly they adapt people-management skills to complement their expert knowledge. These essential skills for new leaders and managers do not come naturally and this course demonstrates what is required and how it can be learnt. Delegates will develop the confidence to put their newfound skills and management techniques into practice and begin the process of effective, professional team leadership.

This one-day interactive and highly participative programme aims to provide you with a perfect springboard to success highlighting leadership techniques that have evolved throughout the ages. This programme provides examples and ideas from globally respected Management Gurus and other iconic world figures that can be introduced into both small and large organisations.

If you are interested in finding out how inspiring leaders can build teams whose members work together effectively and positively, achieving the exceptional performance improvements that strong leadership brings, this is the programme for you.

Learn how to develop strategies to manage and lead your hybrid team to maximise their performance and increase engagement.

This interactive and engaging programme is designed to provide necessary knowledge, skills and momentum to enable leaders to get the best from their people.


  • How to create a vision for your team: setting goals and objectives, establishing 1-1's; get employee engagement.
  • Understand the difference between management and leadership
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities as a leader
  • How to deal with team issues e.g. performance, sickness, absence etc.
  • Be able to implement changes with a team effectively.

Introductions, Icebreaker, Programme Format and Objectives

Conflict in the workplace can have a significant effect upon productivity, motivation and the retention of personnel. This highly participative programme analyses the types of conflict that occur and sets guidelines for managing those situations. By the end of this course, delegates will be able to use techniques that enable them to deal confidently with conflict, disagreement, aggression and other strong emotions.

The course aim is to introduce delegates to the principles of managing a distributed, remote and mobile workforce and how to effectively communicate with that workforce.

By reviewing various leadership and management tools and theories the programme actively encourages delegates to become aware of their own leadership style. From this analysis delegates will understand the pros and cons of their own style and have a desire to develop the right leadership mindset. They will explore how this is key to developing a highly productive mobile team.

Delegates will also learn how to effectively communicate to their mobile teams. The importance of acting as a role model and promoting and displaying the organisationís values to the team and individuals will be emphasised. We challenge what is required of a modern leader and their staff, and how communication is key to achieving this. Delegates will consider all communication channels they have to maximise their opportunity to influence people and drive excellent results. We will discuss when each are most effective and how to best train team members to communicate well in an increasingly digital environment.

Senior leaders and managers often have to present a concerted front in dealing with complex negotiation situations. Working as a team instead of as an individual involves different interpersonal skills. The other parties to such negotiations unconsciously observe body language and team dynamics which can help them look for opportunities to divide and conquer.

This highly participative and practical programme gives senior leaders and managers tools, confidence-building and personal behaviour management skills. We work with senior leaders and managers on current issues and build the programme to meet individual and team needs and issues. There will be ample time to practice what is being learned throughout the programme.

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