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This is a highly effective one day workshop designed to assist delegates with managing the costly problem of workplace absenteeism. As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will gain a practical understanding of:
  • How to measure poor attendance
  • Calculating the costs of poor attendance
  • Introducing and implementing 'Return to work' interviews
  • Developing organisational policies and procedures
  • Practical methods of dealing with short-term and long-term absenteeism

In May 2018 the new European framework for data protection laws were implemented in the UK, replacing previous legislation which was based upon the 1995 data protection directive.

A new Data Protection Bill was prepared by the UK government which incorporates the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented across Europe and is being heralded by the Information Commissioner's Office as being an 'evolution' of Data Protection.

This one day course provides delegates with an understanding of data protection, the eight principles enshrined within the UK's Data Protection Act, the purpose and effect of those eight principles as well as providing practical examples to demonstrate how those requirements are met. This course will also provide delegates with information about how GDPR has changed how personal data can be used by organisations after 25 May 2018.

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) places a requirement on all organisations; large or small, public or private, to process personal data or sensitive personal data in a manner that complies with the eight Data Protection Principles enshrined in the Act.
  • The Information Commissioner (ICO), the office charged with managing the Act's outworking and with policing the practices, procedures and compliance standards of those responsible for the processing of personal or sensitive personal on a day-to-day basis, has exercised their rights to fine or place enforceable practice notices on those who breach these Principles. The highest fine that can be laid down is £500,000; the highest fine that has been levied is £375,000 for process failures. In these days of financial austerity no organisation can withstand a fine of that magnitude, even the more usual fine of £30,000 would cause serious harm to an organisation's viability.
  • Many in the data industry today would point the finger of blame at failings in organisational data governance, or the failure of Directors and Management to consider a data breach as a 'business critical' risk. For more detailed information on current action by the ICO go to, there you will see a list of fines and enforcements imposed upon private businesses, Councils and Government Bodies who have been heavily penalised for poor DPA practice or a failure to police their organisation's DPA Policy or procedures effectively. The very existence of this list should cause Directors, Managers and Data Specialists alike to seek guidance and professional assistance.

  • To raise awareness for staff of potential bullying and harassment in the workplace including a clearer understanding of the importance of policy and procedures and to give participantís the knowledge of how to recognise and tackle bullying and harassment within the organisation.

    The purpose of this course is to increase the awareness and knowledge of managers and team leaders on the topic of workplace bullying and harassment. The course is intended to ensure that the programme will help those accountable for managing and supervising others gain the confidence to challenge unacceptable employee behaviour. Delegates will learn how to establish and maintain clear standards of behaviour in order to create a positive working environment.

    This programme is designed to ensure that delegates leave the event with a working understanding of the new European General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) which will fully replace the 1998 UK Data Protection Act in May 2018. The new GDPR places a much greater emphasis on individual compliance and organisational governance; introduces new standards and sanctions; and focuses on addressing the growing trend towards electronic processing and the requirement for transportability of personal data.

    Although the act emanates from the European Parliament, the UK Information Commissioner has clearly stated that decisions made in relation to Britain's exit from Europe (Brexit) will not impact the full implementation of the regulations.

    The more popular training course focuses on how to become an "effective interviewer", however this novel training course approaches the interview from the interviewees perspective. Where do you look for guidance if you are unsure of how you come across as an interviewee and what are the skills you should be sharpening up on? This one day workshop is a practical introduction into the whole process of applying for a new position. It is ideally suited for employees who wish to apply for internal promotion or advancement, or those who are applying for positions within other organisations.

    In today's ultra competitive market, the value of recognising the best candidate for the job cannot be over-estimated. Successful recruitment presents an ongoing challenge and attracting and selecting the right candidate is fundamental to future success. The cost of making the wrong choice in recruitment is both expensive and hugely time-consuming.

    Our Interviewing successfully for recruitment course will help you meet the challenges of the interview situation, use the proper tools for the job and greatly increase the chance of making the right selection decision first time.

    All staff have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy. The workplace should be free from harassment, bullying, victimisation and discrimination and employees have a right to be valued for their skills and abilities. This one-day Dignity at work programme covers behaviours that constitute discrimination, bullying and different forms of harassment. This training course explores the legal framework and your obligations to developing and/or implementing a dignity at work policy and how inappropriate behaviour should be properly addressed.

    Industrial tribunals are costly, time consuming and debilitating for both the organisation and the individual. This course uses examples to demonstrate to delegates when the process should be instigated and the appropriate methods to employ to effectively manage the Discipline & Grievance process to try and avoid the final course of action - the Industrial Tribunal.

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