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The aim of this course is to enable delegates to forget the 'hard sell' approach, and to develop the skills required to achieve repeated success by improving their selling techniques. This course focuses particularly on the emotive reasons why people buy and how you can build the business of your existing client base and the tools you can introduce to help you win new business more quickly and with greater conviction.

This comprehensive one day programme will help you understand the key concepts and skills of marketing to enhance your knowledge and confidence when involved in the marketing decision-making process.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • - demonstrate a knowledge of key marketing principles, tools and techniques.
  • - discover the importance of product positioning.
  • - understand what is effective communication with customers.
  • - confidently deal with basic marketing issues.
  • - understand how to measure the effectiveness of marketing actions.

Our selling skills programme is an excellent one-day, hands-on workshop that introduces salespeople who are relatively new to sales, or who have had no formal professional sales training, to the concept of selling effectively. It includes carefully and skilfully investigating and identifying the true needs of the customer and demonstrating to them the value of your product or service in meeting their need. We concentrate on the fundamentals of salesmanship whilst going well beyond traditional sales concepts. Your competitors may be quick to 'dive to the bottom' on price in order to gain market share, however this training programmes focuses on how to stay firm on price and increase sales by convincing customers of the value you offer.

Customer service is the cornerstone of a solid, thriving business. In commercial business terms, it costs up to thirty times more to get a new customer than it does to service and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of existing ones. The aim of this training course is to enable delegates to create, maintain and build upon a positive and informed culture of customer care within their organisation.

This programme is delivered over two separate half-day modules.

Module one (morning)

Confident and skillful communication in the workplace should be central to everyone's role, however too often issues arise purely as a result of poor or ill-thought out verbal communication. This practical short course will demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to communicate better with everyone - especially customers. Central to the delivery of this programme are understanding important elements of emotional intelligence which demonstrate how to rescue potentially costly situations where communication appears to have broken down.

Module two (afternoon)

The second module provides delegates with an understanding of the sales process and the vital role that plays within any organisation. It will also provide tools for overcoming objections, how to suggestive sell effectively as a result of exploring the customer's needs as well as the importance of closing the sale.

Sound motivation and communication skills are essential to good sales management practice. Both these skills are interwoven throughout this highly interactive two day course which is an invaluable programme for Sales Managers relatively new to the managerial role.

This course is intended for Sales Managers who have gained some experience within their role, but have received little or no formal training, and would like to learn a more structured approach to managing their sales team. Delegates will be trained on methods designed to improve the performance of their sales team by successfully managing both results and activity.

The aim of this course is to provide Sales-people, Account Directors, Account Managers and Account Executives with the skills, techniques and confidence that will transform their approach and help them enjoy embedding a professional, pro-active business development approach into their contact with existing clients. This comprehensive programme will include the fundamental skills of a professional sales-person as well as demonstrating how implementing a continuous, carefully delivered series of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities into their lines of communication with customers can have a dramatic and sustained long term impact on the success of the business.

This comprehensive two day Field Sales Training course will equip delegates with the ability to identify, attract and engage potential customers.

Our programme covers the entire sales process, focussing particularly on what we can do to improve our sales conversion rates, making this programme the ideal platform for both novice and experienced sales-people alike.

We'll provide proven techniques that can be used immediately to help re-focus efforts and get the desired results. Everything is covered from prospecting and appointment making through to presenting the proposition and closing the sale.

The aim of this programme is to help delegates develop the confidence and skills to enable them to consistently implement successful outbound telephone call activities and projects on a regular basis. One of the outcomes from this programme is to help delegates embrace a positive shift in culture from re-active service provision to pro-active service, customer care and identifying and acting upon new business development opportunities.

Beginning with a gentle, but positive method of implementing pro-active customer service calls on Day One, this programme will conclude with a focus in Day Two on professional telephone marketing and coldcalling aimed at identifying and developing new business opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

Delegates will practice using appropriate questioning techniques; how to identify selling opportunities as well as act upon them appropriately. This programme includes simulated role-play that encourages a mature, thoughtful approach to business development via telephone sales and marketing.

The aim of this course is to enable delegates to have the confidence to make successful cold calls, use appropriate questioning techniques and identify selling opportunities and act upon them appropriately. Delegates discuss and put into practice, with simulated role-play, up-to-date techniques required for making productive telephone sales calls. This enables better results to be achieved through the use of correct structures and control techniques.

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