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Good Change Management needs key people within your organisation to develop the skill and insight that will make a difference to the way things happen around them. The aim of this programme is to identify strategies and actions that will help managers, team leaders and their staff implement vital change whilst continuing to run the day-to-day business.

This highly practical programme delivers all the essential skills, tools and techniques required to support you in your project management role. The course concentrates on practical, easy to understand and control techniques that can be directly and immediately applied in your workplace.

The fundamental principles of successful project management are covered in depth; managing people, time and money. The programme also incorporates a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques that, when applied in the workplace, will empower the attendees with greater confidence and competence in managing and delivering projects on time and on budget.

This one day practical programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of Project Management. By the end of this course delegates will understand how to plan and schedule small and medium-sized projects. This short course includes practical exercises designed to demonstrate how you can identify which jobs are most important, and which deadlines are most important to meet. Delegates will also learn how to take remedial action to bring a project back on course. These skills are perfectly sufficient for running small and medium-sized projects, and will allow you to balance the triple constraints of time, cost and scope/quality which are present in all projects.

Effectively managing projects means delivering results against the pressures of time, budget and people. Senior management tasked with leading projects require many skills:
  • organising scarce resources
  • developing a project management vocabulary
  • managing budgets
  • managing deadlines
  • controlling change throughout projects
  • generating maximum performance from all the teams involved

This course demonstrates how best practice principles can assist you in successfully planning, managing and delivering projects on budget and on-time.

Project management is essentially about the careful management of three factors; Time, People and Money. This half day practical programme provides an overview of the principles of Project Management; what it is, when project management principles should be applied and the tools and techniques that can be used to control both small, medium and large sized projects.

This programme is designed to provide real understanding of the fundamentals of change, both hard and soft factors, enabling delegates to put into practice strategies that will bring about successful change.

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