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This half-day proof reading training course will benefit anyone who has responsibility for checking and correcting documents, including press releases and web pages. This highly interactive programme will help to improve your speed, accuracy and confidence. You will be trained by a highly experienced tutor and you will learn the techniques used by professionals to enable you to work to the very highest standards.

Line managers are frequently delegated the responsibility of budgetary preparation and control yet often have no prior experience or formal training. This course is designed to provide middle management with a comprehensive introduction to understanding, preparing and managing budgets successfully.

Targeted, persuasive writing is an essential aspect of written communication in any successful organisation. Effective writing styles convey a professional and credible message and project the correct image. From formal reports to composing e-mails, polished communication is key.

This course is designed to enable participants to:
  • Increase their confidence in producing written material
  • Adopt the principles of business writing style and language
  • Write effective letters suitable for their purpose
  • Brush up on punctuation and proof-reading skills
  • Understand how to produce professional reports.

Effective minute taking is designed for staff who have the responsibility for organising and attending meetings in a support function. By the end of this course participants will be able to
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the minute-taker in meetings
  • Organise an effective meeting
  • Take effective and relevant notes at a meeting
  • Write clear, accurate and concise minutes
  • Practise their newly developed skills

This financial training course has been specifically designed for employees at middle and senior management level who do not have day-to-day involvement in financial activities. This programme will help delegates understand and interpret key financial documents, describe and explain the importance of key financial ratios and understand different types of cost and how to manage them more effectively.

There are immediate financial rewards to be achieved from making the right purchasing decisions. This one-day programme provides a complete overview of the purchasing role and how it fits within the organisation as a whole. Delegates will gain the practical techniques and knowledge, including issues such as tendering, negotiations and contract law, to make the best value purchasing decisions every time.

Managing Effective Meetings trains delegates in how to improve their ability as a meeting leader. They acquire the knowledge and skills they need to facilitate situation analysis, brainstorming, and decision making in meetings, as well as practicing and developing techniques for fostering creative thinking and dealing with conflict, difficult people and issues during the meeting. Ultimately, this course shows delegates how to effectively prepare for, control, chair and manage meetings and associated follow up activities.

Conduct better negotiations with confidence and achieve better outcomes for your organisation. This course uncovers the process, practice and psychology of negotiations for those involved in regular purchasing decisions for their organisation. Delegates will engage in role-play scenarios that will leave them with a new perspective on handling supplier relationships.

This short programme provides an understanding of the importance of budgeting and techniques for proper financial management and spending for young people. The focus of the course lies primarily on taking control of your personal finances and establishing short, medium and long term goals to help delegates chart a course that will enable them to remain in control and aim for a positive credit rating and sound financial future.

This course is designed to assist delegates to create the right first impressions for all visitors and callers. Delegates will be shown how to master the essential communication skills to ensure clients and other visitors receive a professional, efficient and courteous impression of your organisation.

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Records 1 to 10 of 11