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This course is designed to demonstrate to delegates how they can become more sensitive to their own needs and the needs of others. It will deepen their knowledge of how emotions affect behaviour and equip them with tools and strategies to move from negative to positive emotional states.

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Dynamic facilitation is the very essence of strong leadership. It is about helping people face difficult issues creatively and collaboratively and achieving unanimous, win/win solutions. It achieves this magic by eliciting nonlinear, heartfelt, transformational qualities of thinking called "choice-creating" as opposed to "decision-making", "problem-solving" or "creative problem-solving."

Most problems at work are complicated. 'One right answer' problems are rare and the most common are 'wicked problems' and 'vicious problems' where cause and effect can harmoniously damage productivity, relationships and the business as a whole. Useful approaches to problem solving include understanding how to work with other people as well as the ability to see the 'problem' in as broad a capacity as possible. This 2 day programme focuses on the fundamental distinction between those problems which happen to us -'presented problems' and those problems that we create 'constructed problems' . Both demand different approaches and in this intensive and demanding two-day programme, we investigate them using highly interactive, structured (and very enjoyable!) practical exercises and role-play scenarios.

This one day programme is a more specific study on specific areas of our work life where our working time can be much more effectively controlled and utilised.

Prior to attendance, each participant is requested to complete a daily Time Log for five days over a two week period i.e. Monday, Wednesday & Friday of week one and Tuesday & Thursday of week two. A copy of their time log should be sent to the Course Facilitator at least seven working days before the course. A template for the time log will be provided by Cosensa Learning & Development.

This course is designed to help delegates reduce resistance and potential conflict either in person or when they are talking to people on the telephone. Delegates will learn how they can use these situations to their advantage to develop their relationship with a customer and control situations in order to achieve a positive outcome.

This course provides delegates with practical strategies to motivate their team for optimum performance. It demonstrates how to identify common de-motivators and prevent those from attacking morale. You will learn about behavioural analysis, improving your skills in understanding the unique needs of individual and also the effective communication techniques that can be used to ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives.

It is not positional, but personal power that really matters. Positive influencing skills is designed specifically to help you develop the confidence and practical influencing skills that can ensure you make a positive impact even in difficult situations. The programme also forms the ideal starting point for your development journey; helping you understand where you are now, so you can be sure you're heading in the right direction. You'll come away with a strong sense of self-awareness and a checklist of behaviours you can call on in different influencing situations.

This Presentation Skills training course is designed to help delegates prepare effective, interesting and memorable presentations using a range of different techniques. By the end of this course delegates will understand how to assess and choose the right presentation techniques and tools for the occasion; channel nervous energy positively; develop excellent oratory techniques and effectively use body language for emphasis and also know how to inspire the audience and instil confidence.

Over 105 million working days are lost due to stress each year, costing UK employers 1.24 billion. You can significantly improve working life for 20% of your staff, with all the knock-on benefits of reduced absenteeism and lower turnover. The aim of this course is to enable delegates to examine the causes of stress and its impact on productivity - both their own and their team members. We help delegates explore a range of techniques to help manage stress positively including: -
  • Learning how to say 'no'
  • Avoiding people who stress you out
  • Taking control of your environment
  • Avoiding hot-button topics
  • Paring down your to-do list

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