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This comprehensive two day programme provides delegates with a thorough grounding in cognitive question testing methods combined with practical experience in cognitive interviewing skills. The course also covers the analysis and reporting of cognitive interview data. Participants will learn through a combination of taught and practical sessions and a structured role-play on the afternoon of day two. Delegates should also expect some additional homework. By the end of this programme delegates will be able to:
  • determine when question testing is needed
  • design an appropriate sampling strategy
  • design cognitive testing
  • take into account different cognitive interviewing methods and their uses
  • conduct cognitive interviews
  • note-take effectively and report back on the test
  • plan and conduct a cognitive test
  • sell question testing to sponsors and clients

Our two day competency based performance management training course will assist you in identifying the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contributions from the job roles in your organisation. Upon completion, participants will have the confidence to be able to identify the competencies that make performance effective and manage that performance successfully.

When faced with a fellow colleague who is in need of support it is often of great value to have some effective counselling skills. Sometimes employees need help because they are under stress, bereaved or experiencing personal or work related problems. Cosensa's counselling skills training course is designed to equip delegates with the fundamental knowledge, skills and awareness to adequately support fellow colleagues in the workplace. Despite the seriousness of the topics covered, delegates can expect a lively, enjoyable and interactive course.

Customer service is the cornerstone of a solid, thriving business. In commercial business terms, it costs up to thirty times more to get a new customer than it does to service and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of existing ones. The aim of this training course is to enable delegates to create, maintain and build upon a positive and informed culture of customer care within their organisation.

This fast-paced two-day programme tackles each of these topics at a high level. This is a challenging session designed to help delegates understand the importance of being able to effectively pass on workplace skills enabling them to delegate jobs and tasks, allowing them to manage their own time more effectively, becoming more competent managers and leaders.

The ability to negotiate with skill and preparedness in a variety of different scenarios is an essential contributor to successful organisational performance. This one day programme introduces participants from all disciplines to the fundamental skills and techniques of negotiating, enabling them to become significantly more persuasive and influential by helping them develop more confident and professional styles of communication. All delegates on this programme will engage in exercises that facilitate the transfer of the practical skills studied for use into the workplace.

In today’s volatile and challenging business environment, you have to build successful work relationships and interact with people in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals. Now, discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships — and career success.

The first step in building better work relationships is to become aware of the differences among people — and to be willing to accept these differences as a positive force within an organization. And it all starts with you.

This seminar will prepare you to create better work relationships by becoming a “conscious communicator.” You’ll return to work better able to build constructive and beneficial work relationships both within your own team and inter-departmentally, by learning how to analyze situations and consciously select and use productive communication strategies.

All staff have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy. The workplace should be free from harassment, bullying, victimisation and discrimination and employees have a right to be valued for their skills and abilities.

This one-day Dignity at Work awareness programme covers behaviours that constitute discrimination, bullying and different forms of harassment. Discussion will focus around your organisation's Dignity, Diversity and Equality Policies. The trainer will explain what your Senior Management Team would view as inappropriate behaviour and how the organisation expects it’s employees to feel valued and that they should never feel their position threatened.

Becoming skilled in verbal business communication is about more than understanding a variety of different questioning techniques. Too often issues arise purely as a result of poor or ill-thought out verbal communication or an inability to properly understand what the other party has tried to say. This practical course will demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to communicate better with enquirers and manage the conversation and follow up activities effectively.

This comprehensive and highly interactive three day programme is delivered over a three month period, one day each month has been designed specifically to provide experienced middle managers with the skills and tools necessary to achieve improvements in productivity and performance through people. It also addresses key topical management issues and provides guidance and advice on further reading material for future development and team motivational techniques.

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